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名    稱: Additive Manufacturing 3D printing of Continuous Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoset Composites (3D打印碳纖維連續長絲增強熱固樹脂復合材料)
姓    名: Dr. Kun (Kelvin) Fu
聯系電話: 15021638696
會議主題: 視頻會議
預約日期: 2020-04-24
開始時間: 9:00
結束時間: 12:30
地    點: 網絡 主講人照片
主講人簡介: Kun (Kelvin) Fu is currently an assistant professor in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Delaware (UD), and he is also affiliated to the Center for Composite Materials at UD. Fu received his PhD in Fiber and Polymer Science from North Carolina State University in 2014, after that he worked as postdoctoral research associate and then assistant research scientist at the University of Maryland and Maryland Energy Innovation Institute, working on garnet-type solid-state electrolytes and batteries. Fu’s representative work involves in solid-state electrolyte and batteries including garnet solid electrolyte surface modification (Nature Materials, Science Advances, Angewandte Chemie), three-dimensional garnet solid electrolyte framework (Energy & Environmental Science), garnet nanofiber/polymer composite electrolyte (PNAS, Materials Today, Advanced Energy Materials), additive manufacturing of electrodes and batteries (Advanced Materials), and review articles related to the same (Chemical Reviews, Advanced Materials), with over 7300 citations in total. At UD, Fu is exploring new opportunities in his research and his current research is focusing on additive manufacturing and processing of materials, structures, and devices across multiple length scales for applications in energy, environment, and health.
報告內容簡介: 會議地點:ZOOM平臺:ID 677215949 密碼 34111187 Fiber reinforced polymer composites (FRPC) made with continuous carbon fibers and thermoset polymers exhibit excellent specific mechanical properties (high strength, stiffness, and toughness), thermal stability, and chemical resistance. As such, they are lightweight and energy-efficient structural materials used widely in aerospace, automotive, marine, construction, and energy applications. Additive manufacturing (AM) of lightweight and energy-efficient composites using continuous carbon fibers and thermosetting polymers offers great opportunities for advancing composite manufacturing with design flexibility, low cost, reliability and repeatability. However, to date there has been no AM technique reported to process continuous carbon fibers and thermosetting polymers for direct 3D printing. The main challenge comes from the temperature-dependent viscosity of thermosetting polymers that suffers a significant decrease before the composite suddenly turns into a solid, making it difficult to infuse the polymer into the fiber structure and quickly cure the composite into a solid while retaining the desirable pattern during 3D printing process. In this talk, I will talk about a new design of 3D printing technology, which is recently developed in my lab to address the material, architectural, and technical limitations of present AM approaches in composite printing, and our AM approach enables direct printing of continuous carbon reinforced thermoset composite with net shape and complex architectures in a reliable and repeatable way.





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